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Find SOMETHING and stick to it!

Find SOMETHING and stick to it! | Be Committed | Making Money Online

You see a  great webinar or video. Wow a  MUST HAVE product or system. I want it. I need it. I must have it. So you lay down your money and buy the item. You receive it and start to use it. It works just as good as the person who created it claims! Life is Good!

Now in a week or two you watch another great webinar or video. Wow another MUST HAVE product or system. I want it. I need it. I must have it. So you lay down your money and buy the item. Now you begin the cycle all over again. Yes it is a great product or system. Yes it works, if you work it. Yea!

But what happened to the first thing you bought? And what will happen in another week when a new and improved product or system comes out?

Here is the thing. There are a lot of great systems and strategies out there. Yes they all work if you work them. Notice I said if you work them. Most people do not spend the time and effort to perfect it for themselves. Yes you can and will make a six figure income if you follow the system and stick to it. Give it time. Commit to it and then you will see the results that you are looking for.

Your online busines or “Network Marketing business” is the same way. I see people jump from business to business without giving it enough time and effort for it to pay off for themselves. The minute a new company has a pre- launch they pack their bags and are off. They are still believing that “The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”

That is why the pay is so great for those who do stick around, commit to it and put in the effort!

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“Branding Yourself” | Add your NAME & LINK & PHOTO! | By Dale Werner

Hello, Today we are going to be talking about “Branding Yourself“.
If you have been in any form of online marketing you have heard the term “Branding Yourself” So what is this all about? Imagine if you were coming out with a hot new product that will change the world. Say for example it is a new refrigerator that uses one third the energy that most other refrigerators use. That’s Great! This new product is going to sell millions. It will be the new breakthrough item that is a must have in every new home.OK, so we have the product. Now we have to NAME it or “Brand” it. Well the same goes for YOU. You have to “Brand Yourself” so that you stand out as a leader. As a person who knows how to get things done. Someone that people will want to follow!
You need to get your name or product name out there so people know you exist!

Cattlemen have been “Branding” cattle for hundreds of years. They take a red hot iron that has been shaped into the name or logo of their ranch and literally burn into the cattle’s hide the image, name or logo.
That way when anyone sees that cattle they know it is from that ranch. This makes them stand out from the rest.

The same goes for your product or YOU. You need to name it and brand it or burn it into your prospects minds. Choose a name that is easy to remember. This goes double when purchasing a domain name. Something catchy. Something short. Use this URL in all of your articles, videos and correspondence. I see many articles, good articles when no name on them. The article has a lot of great information but no signature. And no URL. Not only do people not know who wrote this great information but they have no way to get to your website. Without a name and or URL attached to your articles and videos, there is no way that people can join you in your business opportunity or buy your products or service.

A Photograph is also an excellent way to “Brand Yourself”. Use the same photograph in all of your marketing efforts. We think in pictures. When I say the words big dog, you see a picture in your mind of a big dog. Not the words big dog. When you add a photo of your product or of yourself, people will start to remember you. They might not recall your name right away but they will recognize you. Your image is burned or branded into your prospects mind!

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Until Next Time, All The Best! Dale Werner

What Exactly Is A “Marketing System” ? Canl It Make Me More Money?


Today we are going to delve into a more advanced way to market your business, product or website
. Most people are going into a “Home Based Businesswith little or no knowledge of how to market online. While using the old school method of trying to recruit your family and friends is all find and good. The real growth of your business will come through online marketing.

“Trying to do business online without training, is like driving a car on the freeway without knowing how to drive” Dale Werner

So what is a “Marketing System” anyway?

Most people do not know what one is. To take it a step further, most people marketing online have not even heard of a Marketing System! A “Marketing System” is a step by step program that you use to market your business. These systems are usually a private group or website that you have to join.

Once you are in the “System” you have access to all of the tools you need to build your business. All in one place. Everything from custom Lead Capture Pages, auto-responders, video training, articles and more.
Not only that but you get Professional Training from some of the industries Top Earners. A step by step process of “how to” build your business.

Most of these “Systems” will coat you approx. $49.95 and up per month. With a more advanced level costing upwards of $1000 or more.
The training alone is worth the cost to be in the system. The knowledge that you will gain will place you far above the average person marketing online. Marketing Systems teach various Strategies.
Such as, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Classified Ads marketing, Blog marketing, Press Release marketing, Article marketing, Video Marketing and on and on.

Once you learn just a few of these Strategies and put them into practice. You will see huge results in the amount of traffic to your websites, blogs and product sales pages.As you learn more and more, you will start to see your business or businesses grow faster than you ever thought possible.
And with growth comes new contacts and profits!

Marketing Systems” have been around for a few years now, so the concept is not brand new. But with how fast the internet is changing, it is very important to find one that has “Up to Date” “Strategies”. What worked 5 years ago does not always work today. There are a hand full of really good systems online today.

There is one that just launched that you can join for free with excellent tools and training. It is Called Netdivvy.

NetDivvyFREE Marketing System

No matter which system your use. GET INTO A MARKETING SYSTEM if you are serious about making money online.
Be diligent. Treat it like a business. Take the time to learn how to use the System and the Strategies. And then put them to use on a consistently. You WILL see the results you are looking for!

Until Next Time, All The Best!
Dale Werner Online Marketing Trainer


Dale Werner explains WHAT a Marketing System IS and how it can Produce MASSIVE WEALTH for you.
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3 MUST HAVE Tools to SUCCEED in Your “Network Marketing” Business!

The 3 MUST HAVE Tools that you NEED to succeed in your internet business. There are actually more than 3 but these are the BIGGIES!

3 MUST HAVE Tools to SUCCEED in Your Home Based/Internet Business!

Hello again, Today we are going to be talking about the 3 MUST HAVE Tools that you NEED to succeed in your internet business. There are actually more than 3 but these are the BIGGIES!

Tool Number One! Drum roll please…

You MUST HAVE a Lead Capture Page. At least One. Lead Capture Pages are also called Splash pages, Lead Generation page, Landing page etc… A Lead Capture page does just that. It captures your potential client, customer or recruit’s name and email address. Sometimes their phone number or other information, depending on how you set it up. The information is captured through an auto-responder Opt In form.

The main idea is that you direct your potential client, customer or recruit to this page FIRST! Why first?
Good question. If you are trying to sponsor a new person into your Network Marketing company and you send them to your company sales page, two things happen. One is that if they don’t sign up that day and leave the site, you have lost then forever. Second is if they do sign up with your company, they go onto your company’s email list, NOT Yours! With your own lead capture page you can gather your potential client, customer or recruit’s information and then redirect then to your company’s sales page. Now the information is yours forever and you can email them anytime. Even if they never sign up into your Network Marketing company!

Tool Number Two.

You must have an Auto-Responder! That kind of goes without saying. Yet most people who try to make money online do not have one. An Auto-Responder is a software program that captures your potential client, customer or recruit’s information. Then sends them out pre-written emails automatically. Hence the name Auto-Responder. It responds automatically. You MUST have and auto-responder to use with your Lead Capture pages. Otherwise you could not capture the information.
Click here for more information on Auto-Responders.

Tool Number Three.

If you want to build a business online. You need to use a System. A Marketing System. A marketing system is a systematic, structured, step by step program, that you can use to succeed. These systems are designed by Marketing Professionals to take you from a beginner to a professional and also provide you with all the tools, landing pages and instruction you need. A duplication system that not only you can use but you can place your new recruits into it for training and Predictable Success! And as we all know in Network Marketing…Duplication is the Key!
Click here for more information on Marketing Systems.

Until Next Time, All The Best!
Dale Werner